Drug Rehab in West Covina, California

Healing in West Covina, CA

Today many people are suffering from substance abuse related issues. In cities all across the United States, whole communities are being affected by the out-of-control epidemic of substance abuse that is tearing apart social fabric. Due to this, drug rehab centers are being created in response. The good news is that today people who are having trouble with the use of intoxicants can be much more open than in years passed about seeking treatment in a substance abuse treatment facility. Lousage Institute and our drug rehab facility in West Covina, California is dedicated to helping those who are under the control of intoxicants.

Left untreated, substance abuse can lead to job loss, the end of a marriage, and financial catastrophe. Sadly, that’s the effect that the use of drugs and alcohol can have on a person, which is why it’s so important to seek help as soon as a problem arises. Those who are struggling with substance abuse should seek help for addiction recovery by coming in for a consultation as soon as possible. Help is here for those who need it.

Making a Plan

When a client begins treatment at Lousage addiction recovery center in West Covina, they will meet with a counselor to establish a treatment plan that is individually geared to the client’s needs. This plan will include detox, counseling, and an individualized addiction care plan. Before the program has been devised, the client will undergo detox at our West Covina drug detox clinic.

The Detox Process

Detox is very crucial, to begin recovery and psychological counseling with a fresh start and a clear body. The detox process may bring on withdrawal symptoms that may include vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, and anxiety. A healthcare professional will be with the client throughout the process to offer support and to help minimize the symptoms. Once this process is complete, counseling sessions will begin.


Our West Covina addiction recovery facility will begin counseling sessions after detox. There will be both group and individual therapy sessions. In therapy, the client will be encouraged to speak openly about their issues with drugs and/or alcohol. They will be supported by their counselor and the other group members the entire time, so there is nothing to fear, being completely candid about your own personal experiences will liberate you.

The addiction treatment center in West Covina works with a dual diagnosis approach, which includes dealing with the client’s substance abuse issues as well as mental health. It’s been found that most people who are using intoxicants are also coping with mental illness issues, and both should be treated simultaneously.

Along with the counseling sessions, clients in the addiction treatment facility will also be encouraged to embrace an active lifestyle, through group hikes and nature walks, art and yoga classes, as well as meditation. It’s been found that these types of activities offer their own kind of therapy, clients to become fully engaged with the world and themselves in ways that may have been neglected due to substance abuse.


Once the client has finished the full course of treatment in the West Covina addiction recovery program, they must begin planning for their sober life outside the clinic. There are many aftercare programs that can help support the client in their new sober life, and the counselors in the clinic will work to establish an aftercare plan. This can involve signing up for a stay in a sober living home as well as ongoing therapy sessions and twelve-step meetings.

Facing life as a totally sober person can be a joyful experience. If you are in need of treatment for a substance abuse disorder, contact Lousage Institute today. Help for healing is available, call now.