Drug Rehab in Tualatin, Oregon

Substance Abuse Treatment in Tualatin, OR

Research shows that the longer you are sober, the longer you will be able to stay sober. Clients who enter our Tualatin inpatient drug detox program are more likely to stay sober than those quit cold turkey or enter detox-only drug rehab programs.

Cold Turkey

Giving up an addiction cold turkey is the least effective way to get sober. Many people don't make it passed the physical detox. Detox can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Those who survive are usually left with the challenge of trying to live sober with minimal guidance, little support, and no structure.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment has a better success rate than cold turkey, but it falls short compared to inpatient treatment at a drug rehab facility. Unfortunately, outpatient treatment may be the only option for those who are short on funds or unable to enter residential facilities due to family, professional, and other commitments.

Inpatient And Residential Treatment

Statistics indicate that clients who are treated in an inpatient addiction recovery center are most likely to complete treatment and stay sober. Although inpatient and residential addiction recovery treatment cost more than detox-only and outpatient programs, the better success rate makes it a preferable alternative.

Benefits of an Inpatient Drug Detox Clinic

Lousage Institute drug rehab centers provide 24/7 supervision. Professional monitoring reduces the risks associated with detox. Although withdrawal is uncomfortable, our Tualatin addiction treatment facility is a safe, peaceful, and supportive place where you'll have access to professional care.

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, around 50 percent of those with substance abuse disorders also suffer from mental health disorders. Our clients are screened for mood disorders, cognitive disorders, and personality disorders. If there is a mental health diagnosis concurrent with a substance abuse diagnosis, we will treat both conditions.

Healthy, Balanced, and Structured Living

Our residential addiction recovery program in Tualatin is highly structured. Interaction with the outside world is limited to encourage a focus on getting sober. You will be developing a new mindset by focusing on recovery rather than on substances. At our addiction recovery facility in Tualatin, the days start early and are packed with recovery-related activities.

Individual Treatment Plans

At our substance abuse treatment facility in Tualatin, we design personalized treatment plans for all our clients based on their unique needs. Because everyone is different, we don't use a one-size-fits-all treatment model. Rather, we consider everything that a client is currently experiencing, and we create a treatment plan specifically geared to address that client's situation. Clients participate in a variety of innovative therapies that are a good fit for their needs.

Recovery as a Group Process

Addiction is lonely. Part of recovery is discovering that you are not alone with your addiction. At our Tualatin substance abuse rehab facility, you'll be part of a community where everyone is recovering together. A supportive atmosphere where clients help each other stay sober makes recovery a cooperative experience instead of an isolating one.

Everyone at our facility is going through the same challenges. Our clients help each other because they share the same goal. Lasting relationships often develop and provide much-needed support. In this kind of setting, our clients experience the sense of safety and connection they need to explore painful issues that so often underlie addiction.

Relapse Prevention Tools

An important part of recovery at our Tualatin addiction treatment center involves learning to deal with triggers and developing relapse prevention strategies. Our clients are given specific tools they can use to head off a potential relapse after discharge.

Individual Aftercare Plans

After leaving our Tualatin addiction rehab facility, our clients return to their homes with aftercare plans specifically designed to help them navigate life without relapsing. Aftercare plans may involve outpatient treatment, group therapy or one-on-one counseling, but each program is carefully created to provide maximum support.

Our clients are encouraged to connect with support groups immediately upon discharge. Continued sobriety has a lot to do with the strength of the support system that a client builds after leaving rehab. Lousage Institute can help you build that system.