Drug Rehab in Lake Forest, Illinois

Help for Recovery in Lake Forest, Illinois

All across the United States, the problem of substance abuse is spiraling out of control. The epidemic has become widespread, which is why today there are drug rehab centers available for those in need of support. Lousage Institute substance abuse treatment facility in Lake Forest, Illinois is a drug rehab facility that’s committed to treating the whole person. The process of treatment for addiction is implemented with a dual diagnosis approach, which treats substance abuse issues along with mental health conditions that may be feeding the person’s compulsive need for drugs and alcohol. This approach has been found to offer results that are long-lasting and help a person stay sober long term.

Entering Treatment at our Lake Forest Addiction Recovery Center

When a client begins treatment at the Lake Forest addiction recovery center, they will first meet with a counselor who will carefully analyze their needs and create a treatment plan to meet them. This plan will involve detox, counseling, and health care support, all geared specifically to the client’s situation. Once a plan has been created, the client enters detox in the Lake Forest drug addiction recovery program.

Detox in the Addiction Recovery Center

Detoxification is essential as a client enters treatment. When a person has been using a steady stream of drugs and alcohol the body may undergo withdrawal symptoms when the drugs stop being taken. This is why the drug detox clinic in Lake Forest will have a licensed health care professional supporting and supervising the detox process throughout. When the client has successfully completed detox, they will enter counseling and begin the long term work of recovery.

Therapy Sessions

The Lousage Institute addiction recovery facility in Lake Forest offers one-on-one counseling and group sessions for clients as a way to address the psychological issues that underlie their substance abuse compulsions. Insights can often be gained by working with others in a group that supports the client’s recovery, as each group member shares their experiences and speaks honestly about their challenges. In one-on-one and group counseling, each client will be encouraged to work with as much openness and honesty as possible, in order to fully understand their situation and recover completely.

Along with psychological counseling, clients will also have the opportunity to engage in fun events that engage them physically and mentally, including hikes, nature walks, art and yoga classes, and meditation. These fun activities are stimulating and may help clients become more aware of the many parts of their life they neglected while using intoxicants.

Aftercare Plans

Once a client has recovered, their course of treatment at the Lake Forest rehab center will come to an end. Staying sober in the outside world can be challenging, however, as triggers and temptations will arise. That's why an aftercare program is necessary for clients as they leave the center.

A counselor at the addiction treatment center in Lake Forest will work with the client once their course of treatment has ended, in order to make an aftercare plan. It can be very beneficial for the client to continue regular counseling sessions after leaving the addiction treatment center, in order to fully support their sobriety.

Some clients who leave the addiction treatment facility in Lake Forest may enroll in a sober living home with other people in recovery. A counselor will help to arrange for care before the client leaves the center, so there will be a defined program in place.

If you are dealing with substance abuse issues and want to achieve addiction recovery, it may be time to seek treatment and achieve lasting sobriety. Contact Lousage Institute today and arrange for a consultation to allow healing to begin.